Mary Stern

Mary Stern is a retired human resource executive who worked for most of her career at Baxter Healthcare. She is a principal at Monument Consulting and Publishing Company. She is the author of a series of children’s illustrated books in The Cowboy Dog Series; a book on job search- 6 Steps to Land the Job; and the new series: The Marble Girl Mysteries - Marble Girl and Cuppa JO. She is on the board of directors at Transition House and Landlord Liaison of Santa Barbara County. She and her husband have a lemon orchard in Santa Barbara, California.


Cuppa JO

Book 2 - Marble Girl Mystery Series

A wealthy Santa Barbara recluse, Jesus Ortega, - JO, is receiving menacing threats. Fearing for his safety and not sure who to trust, he enlists amateur sleuths Clare and Tora.


6 Steps to Land the Job

6 Steps to Land the Job - Essentials of Job Search Success is a 6 step approach to landing the job. It is written in first person narrative and is based on extensive research and personal experience of the author. Mary Stern has thirty years of experience in human resources.


Where Did All The Animals Go

Book 1 - Cowboy Dog Series

Where Did All of the Animals Go? is about a grandmother taking her 5 year old grandson on a hike. There is a communication channel between the animals that alerts them when the hikers approach.


Country Critters

Book 2 - Cowboy Dog Series

Join Cowboy Dog on another epic journey as she leaves the trails in Colorado to explore the critters of rural Kansas.


Mud Boots

Book 3 - Cowboy Dog Series

Join Brandon, Grandma, and Cowboy Dog on a tour of his beloved farm.